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Rethinking the modern day investment management business.

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Z2 is a new alternative investment manager focused on debt and equity investments in non-sponsored, lower middle market businesses in North America.


- Brand Identity
- Web Design
- Web Development (Webflow)


- Investment Firm
- Technology




The Challenge

Z2 Investment Management, LP (Z2) is a new alternative investment manager focused on debt and equity investments in non-sponsored, lower middle market businesses in North America. The challenge was to create a brand identity and website that reflected Z2's values and philosophy, which is centered on the concept of long-term value creation through steady, sustained effort.

Our Approach

To develop a brand identity and website that captured Z2's philosophy, we began by conducting extensive research into the company's values and target audience. We collaborated closely with the Z2 team to understand their business needs and objectives.

Based on our research and insights, we developed a design that emphasized a fresh, smart color palette for the future. We chose a British racing green as the main color, which symbolizes the Z2 team's love for the outdoors and endurance sports. The design was approachable but exact, showcasing attention to detail in a package that invited collaboration.

For the website, we focused on creating a clear and intuitive user experience that emphasized Z2's philosophy of steady, sustained effort. We designed a website that was easy to navigate, with a layout that emphasized the company's investment strategy and portfolio.

We also incorporated Z2's branding elements into the website design, including the British racing green color scheme and a logo that reflected the company's philosophy of endurance and sustained effort.

The Final Point

Throughout the project, our team succeeded in crafting a brand identity and website that effectively conveyed Z2's values and philosophy. The end result was a website that was both visually engaging and user-friendly, showcasing Z2's investment strategy and portfolio. The website and brand identity have been instrumental in establishing Z2 as a reputable investment manager that prioritizes creating long-term value.

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