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The Sprint: A Partywave Brand Launchpad™

In today’s world, speed is everything. Our proven process helps take brands from zero to one hundred in just 3 weeks.

Who it's for

Brands with a tight timeline, on the cusp of raising money, marketing an MVP, or anything in between.

How it works

It’s simple: we start with the brand, extend into web design, and build it all out. Our intensive sprints focus on speed without sacrificing quality.

Week 1


Week 2

Website Design

Week 3


Week 1 - Branding


Discovery + Research

The discovery phase sets the foundation for brand creation. We work through workshops, interviews, and secondary research to understand your brand’s positioning, audiences, competitive landscape, and buyer personas.


Strategy + Alignment 

The strategy builds on discovery and turns information into insights. We synthesize research into actionable artifacts that help guide our design process. The magic starts to happen when we’re all on the same page.


Exploration + Design

With strategy as our North Star, we explore novel ways to solve your business challenges. We work through multiple concepts that represent your brand from every angle. Then, we distill the concepts that best personify your brand, while meeting your business goals.

Week 2 - Website Design


Discovery + Alignment

We build on the brand research to develop a strategic website approach. We narrow in on goals and priorities while looking at the competitive landscape and to identify the website’s positioning within the marketplace. Bringing in visual inspiration, we align on an aesthetic direction so we can hit the ground running in the design phase.


Design + Copywriting

We push forward design and content in parallel. For most projects, the homepage is the initial focus. We use this first page as a design guideline for the rest of the site and create several homepage options based on our scope. We simultaneously develop first drafts of website copy to sketch out the brand message and tone. From there, we pick a direction, make refinements, and extend to other pages and elements.


Refinement + Extension

Keeping the brand as our focus, we narrow in on all the details. Homepage designs extend into other website elements, and copywriting is refined and edited.

Week 3 - Development


Development + QA

For most sites, we use Webflow, the fastest and most flexible web solution for both developers and clients. For Ecommerce, our platform of choice is Shopify. Websites are optimized for all screens (desktop, tablet, mobile), and rigorously checked for accessibility.


Launch + Migration

Our websites are built for speed and performance: compressed imagery, headers, metadata, connected Google Analytics, and more. End result - happier users, and better business. A 30-minute training is standard upon handoff that will allow you to edit designs and content with ease.

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Some of our other services.

Here are additional services we offer to help brands thrive.

Discovery + Strategy





Brand Positioning
Brand & Product Naming
Web Design
Web Development + Ecommerce
Client Onboarding + Web Audits
Market Research
Identity Design
UI/UX Design (Figma)
Mobile + Web Apps
Technical Optimizations + On-Page SEO
Competitive Analysis
Tone of Voice
Art Direction
CMS Configurations + API Integrations
Keyword Research + Content Writers (Articles)
User Research & Audience Segmentation
Brand Guidelines
Illustrations + Product Visualizations
Web Animations
Link Building + Outreach (Guest Articles)
Content Strategy
Social Strategy
Interior Design Direction
Web Migrations
Google Ads + Paid Search Marketing

Discovery + Strategy

  • Brand Positioning
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Research & Audience Segmentation
  • Content Strategy


  • Brand & Product Naming
  • Identity Design
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Social Strategy


  • Web Design
  • UI/UX Design (Figma)
  • Art Direction
  • Illustrations + Product Visualizations
  • Interior Design Direction


  • Web Development: Webflow + Shopify (E-Commerce)
  • Mobile + Web Apps
  • CMS Configurations + API Integrations
  • Web Animations
  • Web Migrations


  • Client Onboarding + Web Audits
  • Technical Optimizations + On-Page SEO
  • Keyword Research + Content Writers (Articles)
  • Link Building + Outreach (Guest Articles)
  • Listing Management + Searchability Optimizations
    Google Ads + Paid Search Marketing

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