Changing lives and breaking fitness routines.

The HiPower motto: guiding fitness-forward individuals in a supportive community through dynamic high-intensity pilates workouts, designed to benefit the body, mind, and heart. This brand new studio in Scottsdale, Arizona has an array of different classes to fit your needs.

Scottsdale was in need of a game-changing workout.

HiPower House contacted us after seeing our rebrand for Pilates Plus LA. They were thoroughly impressed by our creative approach to PPLA's new and improved look which was designed to increase membership volume and set the bar higher in an always-changing, fast-paced industry. After our first meeting, it was clear: Partywave and HiPower-House made a perfect match for a collaboration, so we partnered together to act as their full launch partner for their new studio.


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Scottsdale, Arizona

Creating a studio environment that challenged & surpassed other competitors.

Kacey, Founder & CEO of HiPower House, came to us with a straight-forward business plan: Bring Lagree fitness to Scottsdale, a major city missing the transformative workout that had spread throughout many cities in the U.S.

Following our brand strategy sessions, we landed on a vision: bring compassionate and light to individuals through fitness. We agreed that the brand personality should be inclusive, upbeat, friendly, and most of all, fun.

After completing our competitive landscape strategy, we discovered many of the surrounding fitness studios had similar color palettes - lots of blues and reds. We employed a distinct color palette of neon yellow and green to stand out and to show Scottsdale that there's new studio in town.

The workout you'll do at HiPower is called the Lagree Method.  This is a low-impact, high intensity strength training workout that takes place on a Megaformer. Your body will experience these benefits from your first workout: increased cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, core strength, balance, flexibility and changes in body composition.

Every workout that you engage in at HiPower will increase dopamine and serotonin production during and afterwards. This can lead to a decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and increase self-esteem. Enjoying a class at HiPower will force you to focus on nothing else but the exercise itself, and will help strengthen your mind to push past all physical barriers.

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Brand design

A "new school" workout that needed a "new school" style. We modified a san-serif typeface to give the logo a modern emotion, and added a small "angel wing" on the "i" which brought life to the logo. We tried to convey HiPower House's uplifting and energetic personality through both the logo and color palette.

Drawings from an original studio name "Lifted Lagree". In the end, we felt "HiPower House" was the stronger choice.

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Website experience

We designed and developed their responsive, clean website with flashes of neon yellow and green. See the website here.


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largest financial year of growth

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