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A Webflow Branding, Website and SEO Success Story

Success Story

What is American Trading International, or ATI?

ATI is a service-oriented export trading company providing domestic and international companies the opportunity to import and export products to new and existing markets. Since 1995, ATI has proudly represented hundreds of U.S. manufacturers and suppliers internationally.

ATI was ready to rethink and refresh its brand.

After our initial conversations, it was clear that ATI required a company rebrand and strategic rollout to compete with their ever-growing landscape. Our objective: refresh the brand to better communicate with domestic and international companies and partners, and create a brand experience that encourages new employees and continued brand equity for years to come.

We first looked at the visual identity.

In our initial research and benchmarking against other trading companies, we assessed that the original logo from 1995 was dated. Many felt the logo mark was too busy, and the wordmark was hard to read. With the lockup being so wide, ATI struggled with using the logo across different applications.

Our initial change included adding a modern typeface to the wordmark. Not wanting to lose the previously built brand equity, we pulled inspiration from the old logo mark and redesigned the globe and orbiting arrow. Making the logo dynamic, with three different lockups, ATI could now use the logo across various touchpoints, from digital to print. We also removed the “Inc.” because, in short, you are not required to include this in your logo.

Next came the color palette and typography.

We selected a bolder dark blue for the brand and paired it with a vibrant blue. Our idea was to keep the brand feeling reliable, solid, and fresh. We decided on DM Sans for the font selection, a geometric sans serif design that felt right for the brand.

Clean website designs attract the most attention.

A sharp website is simple, organized, and easy to navigate. We added a background video to our homepage to add some life and used a primarily white UI with rounded buttons and section breaks of blue. Lastly, we added subtle animations, taking the website to the next level.

You can check out their live website here.

And, as always, their site migration was smooth and secure.

In the case of the ATI, we migrated their sluggish WordPress website to Webflow. Here are the results:

Old Website Audit: 63% Site Health / 540 Errors / 15,964 Warnings / 631 Notices / 85% Crawlability / 69% Site Performance

New Website Audit: 90% Site Health / 0 Errors / 28 Warnings / 17 Notices / 100% Crawlability / 98% Site Performance

We are currently running an SEO campaign and bringing more traffic to the site than ever before.

What can Partywave do for your company?

We pride ourselves in delivering not only top-quality websites and brand design, but also successful site migrations and getting more traffic to your site with SEO campaigns that are easy to understand. Along with being a 5-star Clutch studio, Partywave has been selected among the Top 30 Branding Agencies by DesignRush.

If you have a project in mind, shoot us a message at hello@partywave.studio.

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