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Transforming the landscape of recruitment and staffing services.

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Altis stands as a premier staffing firm, widely acknowledged for its excellence in providing unrivaled recruitment and staffing services throughout Canada.


- Brand Strategy
- Brand Identity (Rebrand)
- Web Design
- Web Development


- Staffing
- IT


2022 - 2023

The Challenge

Altis, a prominent recruitment company based in Canada, approached our team in late 2022 with an ambitious project: a comprehensive rebranding initiative and the creation of two new websites. The challenge was to revitalize the Altis brand image and revamp their websites to enhance online presence and attract top talent.

Our Approach

As part of the rebranding process, we embarked on a brand architecture exercise to streamline Altis' brand portfolio. We worked closely with the Altis team to consolidate four existing brands, Altis ITR and excelTR, into one unified entity known as Altis Technology. Similarly, we merged excelHR and Altis Recruitment into a single brand, simply called Altis Recruitment. This consolidation aimed to leverage the strengths and synergies of the two brands while providing a clear and cohesive identity for their technology-focused recruitment services.

To kickstart the rebranding process, we conducted extensive research on Altis target audience, competitors, and industry trends. We collaborated closely with the Altis team to gain a deep understanding of their values, mission, and unique selling points. This enabled us to develop a robust brand strategy that aligned with Altis' goals and aspirations.

Altis Technology and Altis Recruitment are two distinct brand identities within the Altis organization, each catering to different aspects of their business. Altis Recruitment embraces a vibrant and upbeat aesthetic, characterized by a bright white user interface and the prominent use of Majorelle blue as its primary color. The brand's visual imagery exudes positivity and radiance, reflecting its focus on recruitment and the human element of connecting talented individuals with prospective employers. It employs images that depict joyful and energetic professionals, evoking a sense of optimism and opportunity.

On the other hand, Altis Technology adopts a contrasting identity, embracing a darker aesthetic with a sleek dark mode user interface. Its primary color, dragonfly green, adds a touch of sophistication and symbolizes the tech-focused nature of the brand. The imagery associated with Altis Technology showcases individuals who are driven, hardworking, and deeply immersed in the world of technology.

With the brand identity in place, we embarked on designing and developing two new websites for Altis. Our team focused on creating intuitive user interfaces, seamless navigation, and responsive designs that ensured a smooth user experience across desktop and mobile devices. We incorporated interactive elements, engaging content, and powerful visuals to captivate visitors and showcase Altis' expertise.

The Final Point

The rebranding and website launches for Altis proved to be a resounding success. The revitalized brand identity not only reflected Altis' professionalism and trustworthiness but also differentiated them from competitors in the industry. Altis Technology and Altis Recruitment now stand as dynamic and modern recruitment companies, perfectly positioned to attract top talent and expand reach in the Canadian market.

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