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Spacial Health

Revolutionizing health accessibility and modern day speciality care.

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Spacial Health serves as your digital gateway to a world of premium healthcare choices, streamlined through advanced technology for effortless discovery and access.


- Brand Strategy
- Brand Identity
- Web Design
- Web Development (Webflow)
- Product Design
- Design System


- Healthcare




Auxo Solutions

The Challenge

Spacial Health, a forward-thinking enterprise in the healthcare marketplace, acknowledged a critical gap in how individuals accessed and selected healthcare services, especially in the realm of specialty care. They were determined to dismantle the barriers that many faced, such as opaque pricing, scarcity of specialist availability, convoluted scheduling systems, and a shortage of innovative care solutions. Spacial Health’s first challenge was to address food allergies, a condition that significantly affects the quality of life, by facilitating a smoother path to find the right specialists. To do this, they needed to establish a robust brand strategy and identity that would resonate with their mission of health accessibility and incorporate progressive technology. Moreover, their digital presence required a comprehensive web design and development, alongside a product design and design system that would redefine user experience in healthcare discovery.

Our Approach

We began with an extensive brand strategy exercise to hone in on Spacial Health's core mission, values, and the demographics of their target users. Our team engaged in a thorough analysis of the current healthcare market, pinpointing the pain points faced by individuals seeking specialty care. In crafting a brand identity, we chose Lavender as the primary color, symbolizing the fusion of health and innovation that Spacial Health stands for.

The brand identity was designed to be as forward-thinking and dynamic as the technology Spacial Health offers, ensuring it communicated trust and the ease of accessibility. For the web presence, we developed a seamless, user-centric website that allowed users to navigate healthcare options with ease, implemented via Webflow for robustness and scalability. Alongside this, our product design efforts focused on an application that addressed food allergies head-on, simplifying the process of finding a specialist, understanding costs, and booking appointments.

In parallel, we constructed a design system that would ensure consistency and quality across all user interactions with Spacial Health’s digital tools. This system allowed for scalable and flexible design solutions that could grow with the company’s needs and the ever-evolving tech landscape.

The Final Point

Following the launch, Spacial Health has revolutionized the user experience in finding specialized healthcare. The introduction of their food allergy application has not only streamlined the process but also brought critical solutions to the fingertips of those in need. The comprehensive brand strategy and digital presence have positioned Spacial Health as a leader in the health technology space, with users praising the simplicity and effectiveness of the platform.

The impact of our partnership with Spacial Health has been profound. The clarity in specialist availability, cost transparency, and ease of scheduling has demystified the complexity of accessing specialty healthcare. Spacial Health has emerged not just as a bridge between individuals and healthcare but as a beacon of innovation in the health market. With their progressive approach and our expertise in design and development, Spacial Health is set to continue its trajectory of transforming healthcare accessibility and solutions.

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